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Church and School  / Dave Hobbs (fan/musician)  Read >>
Church and School  / Dave Hobbs (fan/musician)
i had the great honor of opening for Bugs years ago in Abilene. That was the first time i saw him. My bass player told me watching him was like "going to church and school all at the same time". He couldn't have been here more right. Since then I've seen and spoke with him many times and if he didnt remember who i was i didn't know it. He was such a humble man and maybe the greatest musician i've ever seen. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family in their time of need. A more gentle soul i have never met and i feel blessed to have been on the same stage. Bless you Bugs and thank you for giving a young guitarist something to strive for. RIP Close
Froggy Bottoms  / Bob Miller (Fan)  Read >>
Froggy Bottoms  / Bob Miller (Fan)
I had never heard of Bugs when I first saw him in Froggy Bottoms at Dallas Alley back in the 80's. But not only did I get to hear him for the first time, I got to meet him the same night. I will never forget how kind he was to sign a napkin for a friend of mine that didn't attend the show. I will never forget him, Thanks for a lot of good times Bugs, R.I.P.... Close
So Long....  / Terry Currier (Friend)  Read >>
So Long....  / Terry Currier (Friend)
I did not grow up listening to the radio. In 1972 I went to my first real concert weeks after I turned 17. Nitzinger opened for Leon Russell and it changed my life. 2 weeks later I was applying for a job in a record store and 40 years later I'm still working in a record store. Along the way I started a record label and had the pleasure to work with Bugs and put out a couple records by him. The album "Have Blues, Must Rock" may have been Bugs shining moment but he had plenty. He enjoyed making that album and each song was a classic. To me Bugs was one of the greatest guitarist ever. People who saw him play over the years became instant believers. He was unique and had a style all his own. I'm glad I was able to cross paths with Bugs. I will miss him My thoughts go out to the family. I hope the memories of the great times you had together will help heal the holes in your hearts over time. Peace be with you. Close
Here's To Ya', Man!  / Bill Hudson (Fan)  Read >>
Here's To Ya', Man!  / Bill Hudson (Fan)
I first saw Bugs in late spring of 1972 at Mother Blues jamming on-stage with Freddie King. They were trading licks only legends were made of. Also saw him open for Freddie King at Whiskey River with Paul McCartney in attendance. My wife & I caught his last gig at Poor Davids on NYE 2011. I have pics & videos of some of it on my iPhone & won't ever delete them. Here's to ya, man! You will be missed. You can now show SRV how it's done. Close
thanks,to you and your band  / Blue Fusion Band Ric And Rhonda Perez (friends)  Read >>
thanks,to you and your band  / Blue Fusion Band Ric And Rhonda Perez (friends)

thanks for coming to Florida and bringing your music ,To Beach Shack nothing else compares ,also thanks for your band also,Kevins help with endorsement,we love your music and you will live in many hearts as they hear it for years to come.God bless your family.thanks Ric and Rhonda Perez and David Pastorius of Blue Fusion Band.com


Got a fake ID just to see him at the Abbey Inn  / Marty Patterson (Listening to Bugs since 1970 )  Read >>
Got a fake ID just to see him at the Abbey Inn  / Marty Patterson (Listening to Bugs since 1970 )
I was 16 and in a band and was told you have got to see this guy he is unbelievable! For the last 41 years I have been catching Bugs live whenever I could. My three kids and wife were all fans and loved to "go see Bugs". We all have his CD's and his spirit will live on with us until we see him again in Heaven playin that red guitar! Close
Save us a seat on the front row.....  / Linda Stephenson (Longtime Fan )  Read >>
Save us a seat on the front row.....  / Linda Stephenson (Longtime Fan )
What a SAD day...today we lost a legend, and the world will miss him so. I will never forget walking down a snow covered street in Vienna, Austria, and looking up and seeing displayed on a marquee of a club "Tuesday night, from Texas-USA...Bugs Henderson!" Wow! and I was leaving on Sunday. Wouldn't that have been a trip! I'll miss you forever, Bugs, but thanks for the music, and for raisin all us kids on your licks. Love you, Bugs...may flights of angels carry you home, and save us a place on the front row.... Close
I miss a friend  / Sam Minnis (fan/ friend )  Read >>
I miss a friend  / Sam Minnis (fan/ friend )
Bugs was such an inspiration to me as a showman and a player. What a gas he was to talk to. My condolensces go out to his family and friends. I truly believe that all his fans were friends. My heart is heavy. Off to the CD player....... Close
It was an Honor to have heard you play, and to hav  / Diana &. John Thom (Fan)  Read >>
It was an Honor to have heard you play, and to hav  / Diana &. John Thom (Fan)

We watched Bugs often in St. Louis in a bar called "Off Broadway" We have quite a few CD'S  Signed by Bugs. His music goes with us everywhere, especially camping. We have a lot of friends who after hearing his CD became fans too. He was the Best Guitar player I have heard in a while. He will be truly missed by my husband and I.

A Legend, Truly a Legend.

God Bless his family.

Our thoughts and Prayers are with you.

Bugs, you will be missed, We feel honored to have met you.

John & Diana

Loss of a Legend  / CAROL Wallace (FAN)  Read >>
Loss of a Legend  / CAROL Wallace (FAN)
I dont know if Bugs would consider himself a Legend, but he was. I remember the first time I ever had the pleasure to see him play was in 1974 at Motherlode in Fort Worth. I was hooked after that night. I could sit and listen to that man play for hours and never have enough. I send my prayers up for his wife and daughter and the rest of his family and close friends who I know are feeling such a terrible hole in their lives right now. When I heard the news this morning, my heart just sank. R.I.P Bugs and thank you, thank you, thank you for the music. Close
Icon Fan  / Bill McGee (Large Fan )  Read >>
Icon Fan  / Bill McGee (Large Fan )

I will hear you play again!!!

God Bless your Family!

Bugs / Marty Waters (friend)  Read >>
Bugs / Marty Waters (friend)

I grew up hearing about a guy named Bugs Henderson, from local pickers. As a ministers son i was not allowed to listen to the devils music. But I would hear local pickers in the music store talk about a guy named Bugs. They would say, he did this lick. so I would go home and try to learn that lick. I later found out my wifes cousin Keith was his bass guitar player. So in 1996 we met Bugs at Poor David's.  From then on we saw him at the Dallas Guitar shows, and at least 3 or 4 times a year at gigs. Bugs was always the same. Friendly and fun. I  showed him my 1991 PRS which I bought because of him. He played it and said that thing has a cool neck. He signed it and asked if I wanted to sell it. I said no, because maybe some mojo has rubbed off. he laughed. I am truly sad! My wife had ask if I wanted Bugs to play for my 50th birthday party in April.  I will play a song in His memory.  R.I.P. My friend and Mentor.

Nothing like him... nothing will ever be like him.  / Jonny Cates (Friend and fan )  Read >>
Nothing like him... nothing will ever be like him.  / Jonny Cates (Friend and fan )
"Bugs Henderson and the Shuffle Kings" played many times in Abilene, Texas over the last two decades, and I saw him several times. He was always incredible. One time Bugs performed at the Abilene club "Buffaloes", back in 1981. I videotaped him that evening, and it was before video tape cams were everywhere. So after the show was over, Bugs wanted to see the tape - and he and the band came over to my house that night and watched it. He loved it so much, he borrowed it. Unfortunately, I lost contact with him and no longer have it.
But the video I'm posting here, is not  the video from that night. This is BUGS performing the song "Highway 61" shot back in October 2009. Bugs had performed at the 'Party on the Patio' event that Kent's Harley Davidson sponsors in Abilene. God rest your soul Bugs. Everybody will miss you. Me especially.

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